Skincare: A Beginner’s Guide to The Importance of Collagen

Skincare: A Beginner’s Guide to The Importance of Collagen

When it comes to the world of skincare, one word you might have seen thrown around a lot is ‘collagen’. No it’s not just a buzzword! It’s actually a structural protein that makes up between 25% and 35% of our body’s protein, and one of its main purpose is connective tissue in skin. You see collagen is produced continuously until you reach the age of around 25. At this point, the body cannot keep up with the demand and it is thought we lose around 1.5% of our collagen every year. Many notice this less to skin losing elasticity and appearing dull or wrinkled. But never fear, there are some things you can do and one of them is include collagen in your skincare routine.

Always wear SPF

UV rays from the sun have been known to damage the important parts of the body that are needed to produce collagen proteins. It has also been linking to increasing production of oxidising free radicals, molecules that can cause substances to breakdown. This can be harmful to what little collagen you have left in the skin. Always wear SPF to protect yourself from the sun, even on a cloudy day!

Use products with Vitamin C in them

Often overlooked as an ingredient, this vitamin is fundamental for producing collagen. It has also be known to function as an antioxidant, which means it can help prevent UV related damage also. Furthermore, it can also increase production of melanin in the skin, making it a good option for those seeking treatment for lightening dark spots on the body.

Consider a product with peptides

These are often referred to as the building blocks of proteins as they are made up of amino acids. With skincare in particular, peptides are most known for building up collagen. Although there are different kinds of peptides out there, the most commonly recommended type is singling peptides. These work by stimulating the skin’s collagen production and helps slow down the natural breakdown of collagen too. Consider adding a serum with peptides to your skincare routine.

Take a collagen supplement

Make health a part of your daily routine with our Anti-Ageing Collagen Drink. With clinical trials demonstrating an increase in both skin’s collagen density and skin hydration by 28% after 8 weeks, our products are backed by science. Sip your way to smoother and more luminous skin!